Can I add Custom extensions in backup file name

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I lose budget data so often that after updating data/transactions I have to backup each time I exit quicken once I confirm that budget data is still in tact.  Currently, I alternate backup files between adding the date extension and a backup without the date extension so I have at least two current backups to restore should the budget data actually not have saved in the most recent backup (yes this happens).  Recreating my budget takes several hours each time, including intermittent file backups during the tedious process.  (Please pardon what may sound like double-speak, but given the trouble I go through should I not have a credible backup file with budget data, this is a real source of concern until quicken decides to solve this known software flaw.  Please also know that I have performed every conceivable file fix, validations, Copy-File etc., ensuring that file integrity is not a cause of the known data loss issue which is experienced by many as noted in many posts/threads.  Unfortunately quicken closes many of these thread discussions preventing a mass centralized record of the problem).

Specifically I would like to know if I could add a letter or number to the back up with date extension in order to have multiple backup files within the same date?  I am hoping that I would be able to restore such additional back up files in such a case to the original file name as is done with the alternating methods I now use.

Hope this question is clear.  Thank you.
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    Hi @CMRater

    Once the backup file is created and saved, you should be able to change the name of the file to whatever you want.  Are you having some issues when you attempt to change the filename?


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    Thanks Frankx.  My main question if I restored from a back up quickenfile-2022-03-09.QDF-backup with an "a" added on during the file backup process, will it restore to the original file name "quickenfile" or will it restore to quickenfile-2022-03-09.QDF-backupa.  Put another way, does it matter what back up file name i use, will it overwrite "quickenfile" with the original "quickenfile" name.  Does any back up selected simply restore to the name of the file you have open?

    Put another way:  if I am in "quickenfile" and I select a back up file called "anyfile-backup", will the new overwritten file still be named "quickenfile"?
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