Still can't find a way to search Notes

I've added a Note to a split item. I'm looking at it on the screen. I do a search, but get no result. I'm not sure how you search Notes when even a visible one can't be found. Most likely I'll want to search for notes that are not visible like this one, and of course nothing is found.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    That's incorrect. Search does include searching text in the Notes field of split transactions. Here's an example of a search finding text in the Notes field of a split:

    You do have to have the Memo/Notes column visible in your account register for Search to include that field. And you do have to select in the left sidebar an account, or account group (Credit Card, Banking, All Transactions, etc.), which includes the transaction you want to search for. 
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  • Thank you. Unfortunately I’m still new to the terminology. Not sure what visible in the account register means. The account is selected and the contents are visible, but that does seem to be enough.
  • RickO
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    Visible in the register means that you see a column with the label MEMO/NOTES at the top. If you do not, then you need to add it by clicking menu View > Columns, or the Columns button on the bottom toolbar.
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  • Thank you very much.
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