Anyone having trouble downloading Capital One Costco Mastercard (canadian) transactions?

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I've disconnected the account, but now tried connecting again and it says it can't find the account associated with this. There is an American flag at the top and I click to retry and change the flag to Canadian but it won't connect.


  • MonicaCM
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    It is like it is defaulting to a US account and I can't change it to a Canadian account so therefore it doesn't recognize my login.
  • Gilles9
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    Caopital One Costco Canada has cease to exist since March 4th 2022

    CIBC has taken over for the Costco Mastercard Card
    You can signing ( create an account ) at CIBC with you Capital One Mastercard Costco Canada card number

    Unfortunately CIBC does not have Quicken Connect, so you will have to download the QFX files from their site to import in Quicken
  • MonicaCM
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    Thank you so much for confirming that. I knew we were switching to CIBC but I didn't think it was until August. I spent a lot of time yesterday with Quicken support trying to figure out why I couldn't download my transactions any more. I did login to CIBC but when I tried to download that file, I received an error. So, I've called CIBC several times now and each time waited on hold for an hour, and still didn't reach anyone. Frustrating!!! I also was unable to access my latest statement even though it was supposedly issued March 9th. Anyone else having trouble with that? And, bummer they don't have Quicken Connect.
  • Gilles9
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    I also get the error message when trying to download the Transactions, but I do not have any transaction since March 4th, so I figure it is why...
    or it is that CIBC has not finished updating their site with the Capital One card numbers

    I was once with CIBC ( a real CIBC issued card ) and did not have any problems downloading transactions

    We'll see...please update if you find somthing I missed

    I just noticed this message on the CIBC site, when logged in

  • Paul Dionne
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    Agree with recent posts. CIBC direct connect will be a improvement.
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