Missing transaction in my accounts

Used this since 1990s and never had this issue. Every time I open Quicken there are years of missing transactions. I have restored a backup and re downloaded transactions and thought it was fixed. I made a new backup. Then the problem repeated when u opened Quicken again. I've reinstalled the backup and reentered transactions 4x and the problem repeats. I'm very frustrated and ready to find a new product. Can anyone help?


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    Hi @Jb1of7

    Obviously, for a loyal user of Quicken for so many years this has to be an unbelievable outcome for you.  Can you please tell us which version of Quicken you were running when this happened?  Also was there any indication, prior to this problem, that such an issue was potentially near - for example did you receive any error codes or notice any potential problems with the application?


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