Citibank credit card downloads/duplicating transaction

For the last few YEARS, every time I download transactions from Citibank (I download my activity as a QFX file from Citi's website, and normally I would select "Activity since last statement") for my credit cards (3 different cards/accounts), the download includes duplicate transactions. As a workaround, I usually select a specific date range which begins the day after my last download-to-date. Sometimes (to check if the problem has been resolved) I'll select a date range that begins on or one day before the last transaction I downloaded. Can anyone suggest a better resolution to this problem?

To clarify: whenever I download any date range that includes transactions that I previously downloaded, Citibank duplicates those previously downloaded transaction, assigning new Downloaded IDs. Therefore, I cannot match them when accepting the transactions and must either delete them manually (easy for just one or two dupes) or by sorting the register by Order Entered so I can delete the batch. (I learned that short cut after the second time I downloaded more than one month's worth of duplicates.)

I've contacted Citi regarding this issue numerous times, eventually reaching their IT dept. in FL. At one time they had a blanket trouble ticket # assigned because this problem affects many customers. The last time I called, they could not find the ticket # , nor confirm that this is an existing/known problem among their customers.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Citi Cards download perfectly using Direct Connect. I suggest using that instead of Web Connect.

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  • LeaningTower
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    I'd rather download the QFX files than connect thru Quicken. But I'll keep that suggestion in mind.

    BTW, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!
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