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I am working on my year-end tax reports and notice a number of transactions (seemingly random) are missing from the reports, while they are visible in the account registers. Customer service has suggested that certain transactions may be corrupt and advised me to manually delete and re-enter all of the transactions not appearing on the reports. (If I could do that in any practical way, I'd have no need to use Quicken, right?!!) I worry there are bugs and wonder if a Quicken software developer can help me identify the cause of the problem and identify the problematic transactions. I fear I will not be able to get my reports done in time for my accountant if I have to do it all manually, and worry that going forward, the software will have glitches that make it not worth using. (I have used Quicken since 1994. NEVER had an issue until switching to the subscription last year...)


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    I figured it out. The problematic transactions have a "account not sync'd" error code with a little red symbol with an arrow. It shows up if you open up the splits (even if the transaction is not split). I found by opening each register and entering "sync" in the search box, I could identify them. If you click on the error in the split transaction, select all, and hit the delete key, it fixes the problem, and the transaction populates properly in the report. Quicken, please train your CS people on this solution!
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