Unable to log in/Get "whoops" try later

I tried to sign into my Quicken Windows program on my computer this morning March 12 for 1st time in a week. It prompts me to sign in to my Quicken account and then says "whoops," try again later. I have reinstalled the program. I have tried the option "sign out and create new user ID" per one online suggestion. Nothing works. I have been at this about 2 hours. I rely on Quicken heavily to get up on my finances and need to do so after a week away. Is the Quicken server down this morning or how do I fix my problem?


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    If you are getting "Oops, something went wrong" ...
    Have you recently enabled a VPN?
    If so, this might be the problem. Try turning the VPN off and see if that helps.

    Is there a corporate or otherwise external firewall getting in the way? Contact the IT people maintaining the firewall and ask for permission.
    Does your Antivirus software allow Quicken to connect to the Internet?
    Quicken needs to be able to establish outbound Internet connections for the program to work.

  • Erna C
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    I have been trying to install Quicken 2015 on a new computer and keep getting Unknown error occured please try again later. I have turned off my VPS and virus protection to no avail.
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    I have no VPN. I spent time with Quicken help today on the phone. We tried turning the McAfee firewall and other things off. After probably an hour of troubleshooting, we still could not sign into Quicken via the Quicken program and kept getting the same error message. Finally the Quicken person concluded it was a problem with Windows 11, because it appeared to be unique to me. They said to make sure I had downloaded all Windows updates which I have except for KB5011493 which hangs up with error message 0X80073712. Maybe that is the problem. Spent several hours troubleshooting that download to no avail and Windows today but still cannot sign on and still get the "oops" message. It does work on an old laptop with Windows 10, so, until something such as divine intervention fixes my problem, I am stuck using this old laptop....
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