register pop-up calculator could be more useful if keystroke aware

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I'll preface this with "maybe I'm missing something". When entering a transaction amount into a register I often need to calculate a value. For a simple example, I'm about to enter the amount of a deposit and the value I want to enter is 123.45* 67.89 (i.e. 8,381.02)

Because the calculator doesn't work the way I expect (and I can't find much documentation on it at all) - I always end up using an external calculator (or asking Alexa). I enter hundreds of transactions into Quicken daily so efficiency is a big thing for me - I should be able to do almost everything via the keyboard.

Here's the issue: When entering a transaction into quicken - you are using the keyboard (not your mouse). In my example, when I am in the field to enter the deposit amount - I would like to be able to enter the following:

"=" - should bring the calculator up
"123.45*67.89" - calculation gets entered into calculator
"enter" = calculated result gets put into field and calculator closes

There is no need to ever touch the mouse - ever.

Of course none of this happens currently. The above keystroke sequence results in "0" entered in the amount field.

If anyone knows of a simple keystroke sequence that will work - I'd really appreciate knowing about it - but I can't find it anywhere in the quicken documentation. As it currently stands (or at least as my knowledge of it currently stands) - I never use the built in calculator. If not, this would be a nice enhancement to the product.
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    That's exactly how the calculator works, except you don't need to first click or "=" to bring up the calculator.
    As soon as you type a +, -, / or * the calculator pops up. Continue typing your formula. If you have a numeric keypad on your keyboard and NumLock turned on, the numeric keypad works best. When done press Enter to exit the calculator and show the results in the amount field.
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    Thanks! I had tried a variety of ways to make this work, and searched for documentation - never trying this obvious and simple approach!
    Quicken user since 1996 (MS-DOS). When Quicken's head office was in Edmonton Alberta!
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