Category won't appear in Itemized Payee reports

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I have a category (Home Insurance) that will show in some reports (Transaction, Itemized Categories) but It doesn't show up in Itemized Payee.  What I'm doing is this:

Navigate to Reports->Itemized Payees, click the customize gear, click the categories tab, select "include only transactions with selected categories", select only the category in question (Home Insurance), click OK.  It shows no results.  However if I do the same thing with Reports->Itemized Categories it does show the transactions as expected.  Am I doing something silly, is anyone else experience this?


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    The Itemized Payees report wants to primarily select by Payee Name, not Categories. The report generator sometimes appears to be a little finicky when it comes to making multiple include/exclude selection choices.
    You're best off using the Itemized Categories Report and filtering it for the desired category.
    Alternatively, under Reports Menu / Easy Answer or the Reports & Graphs Center / Easy Answer there also is a report selection "How much did I spend on ..." which is a customized Itemized Categories report, selecting the one category you specified.
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    Do not trust the includes all/any option on tabs of the Customize window of a report.  The feature was added relatively recently and does not reliably determine whether all the items are selected. 

    To prevent Quicken from incorrectly defaulting to all/any option in a Saved report, I suggest unchecking an unhidden item for each tab.
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