Import is failing yet again

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Went to manually download quicken file from my bank to Quicken. It had me save to file and then Quicken couldn't find the file when I tried to manually import from file. Went to Cap1 for 2 accounts. Exact same thing. Rather than import it had me save file and when I went to manually import from Quicken it couldn't find the file. Imported from the file "Open with Quicken" and I had to restart Quicken before I saw the transactions. I have several more accounts to update and expect the exact same Quicken problem where the account doesn't know the qfx association and therefore asks to save to file. The fact that Quicken doesn't even recognize a qfx suffx makes thing all that much worse.


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    Windows 11 with Microsoft Edge will not open a download file directly. After downloading the QFX file, you need to click Open file on the Download window. As long as Windows has the correct file associations, Quicken should import the transactions.
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