How do I fix Manual inputing of investment accounts data with links to Banking accounts

I have been using Quicken Deluxe since the 1990's. At that time I had three Investment accounts which are linked to Banking accounts. Over the years I have had no issues with the data set up and things have always worked as the program required. With the release of R39.21 things began to not work. Some linked accounts still worked fine, but one in particular did not transfer the amount of the dividend. I reported the issue but heard nothing. I then downloaded Quicken from your web site and reinstalled it and this issue seemed to be resolved. The next morning on Friday 03/11/2022, another update became available, this being R39.23. I should have left the program running the prior upgrade but of course did the upgrade. I trust the programmers. Now I have two investment accounts which do not register the dividend entry and do not transfer the amount to the liked account. I noted that in the past dividend entries as well as interest entries were listed as DivX and IntX as the data was entered and transferred to the linked account. Now I see the program listing only as Div and Int and the entry is not being saved to the Investing account or being transferred to the Banking liked account. The program does not seem to want to save the Manually entered data at all. I have never used downloading from my Brokerage account. Have always done manual entry. Has always worked for me. Now I am a little concerned that Quicken is letting me down. Please find the issue and get my Quicken back to what I want and need.