I use Quicken with a Canadian Bank and accounts in wrong currency now

Starting today all of my accounts appear to be set in USD and I can't edit them
I bank with a Canadian Bank and they tell me this is 'impossible' and Quicken says ' it is the bank' that is sending the data incorrectly

Any advice?


  • UKR
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    Which country version of Quicken for Windows are you using? US or Canadian?
    Also please click Help / About Quicken to tell us the Release level (R xx.xx)
  • teevee
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    edited April 2022
    I have the exact same problem but only some of my accounts are wrong. Some are correct. Quicken told me the same thing. I am using Quicken Home and Business and Windows 10. Rep from Quicken had me install latest update, tried validation of accounts, deactivating, etc. Then spoke to someone else and told it's the banks problem. It's a pain as when I work in the account, I keep getting a pop up screen asking for the currency rate. Even though Quicken tells me that it doesn't handle multi currencies.
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