Can't add missing credit cards transactions

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Greetings: using Quicken Premier for Mac. I'm missing several months' worth of transaction from last year. I can download them from the credit card site but when I try to add them to Quicken, it doesn't recognize the account and won't let me link them to the credit card account. It gives me a list of accounts but it doesn't include the account the transactions are from. Only other option is to add it as a new account and then maybe copy them over--which I have not tried because I'm hoping to avoid having to clean up duplicates. Just hoping for a cleaner way since this seems like a fundamental thing the software should do. Thanks!


  • RickO
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    I think your only option is to let it create a new account, then drag and drop the transactions to the old account. Hopefully you can limit duplicates by filtering by date.
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  • jjatmail
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    Thanks RickO--that's what I ended up doing. It was a bit messy but got me where I needed to go...for now.
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