Transfer between accounts not working

Kevin W J
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I am trying to create the usual transaction entry for a credit card payment as a transfer from checking. When I create the transaction in the checking register and select the credit account as the category, Quicken removes the brackets from the account name and treats it like an ordinary category. When I create the transaction in the credit card register and select [checking] as the category, it creates the transfer entry in both registers correctly. If I then try to edit the transaction in the checking register (to add a memo or check number), the category loses the brackets and the entry disappears in the credit card register. I checked the category list and I do not have a category with the same name as the credit card account. It only seems to affect one credit card account. I can create transfer entries to other accounts in my checking account without a problem. I have run the "validate file" process, which does not detect an error.


  • UKR
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    Do you happen to have a Category with a name spelled just slightly different from the credit card account register name, e.g. "VISA ABC 1234" vs. "[VISA ABC Card]"?
    You cannot have two categories spelled exactly the same, but you can have similar names, one a category, one an account.
    To find the problem, make sure you're looking at the full Category List, sorted by Category, hidden categories included.
  • Kevin W J
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    I'm looking at the Category List: Show 'Full List'. All Categories. "Show Hidden categories" box is checked. The account name is shown in brackets and the Type is listed as 'Transfer'. There are no categories even close to being similar to, or containing part of the account name. The offending entry in the register has the exact account name in the Category field, but without brackets. I can try to fix it by selecting the account (with brackets) in the dropdown list. It stays that way in the register until I save the transaction, when it reverts to the account name without brackets.
  • Kevin W J
    Kevin W J Member ✭✭
    Update: I seem to have found a way around it. I edited the account giving it a slightly different name. When I went back to the the checking register and saved the transaction this time, it did not remove the brackets and a corresponding entry showed up in the credit account register. There are still no categories with a name even similar to the account, but the transfer entry now seems to work. It may have been a file corruption that the validate function didn't find, or a bug in the code, but changing the account name seemed to fix it - at least for now.
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