In Quicken, if i delete an entry from a search will it also delete from the file

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I want to do a broad search and from that search I want to delete transactions that are not wanted/needed to refine the broad search down. For instance, for taxes I have selected all transactions that I tagged as being medical. However, I need only those transactions that involve travel expenses. Can I delete those transactions from the search that do not involve travel but still have them once I'm done with massaging the search?


  • RickO
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    No you cannot. Deleting the transactions will delete them from the database. A possible solution: Create the registers search or make an equivalent Transaction Report. Then export the register (menu File > Export > Register Transactions) or report (Export button) to a CSV file. Open that file in Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets. Then delete transactions to your heart's content (which will not affect the Quicken database). Bonus, you can sum up the remaining transactions in the spreadsheet.
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    When you search inside a register you're still looking at the register, it's just hiding transactions that don't match the search terms. It's not a report or a special window showing the search results. So any changes you make to a transaction while looking at search results will be permanent because you're changing the actual transaction.

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