Transactions not downloading for $10.81

For the last several months transactions for $10.81 will not download for my CitiBank account. It doesn't matter who the transaction is for, just the amount. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any ideas?


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    Hi @Bob Russell

    Can you give us a little more information so that we have more to go on?

    What type of transactions are these - do you have a lot of transactions for exactly that amount ($10.81)? How do these transactions originate (in real life - have you setup an arrangement with some company to automatically charge your bank account, or are these bank service charges, or something else, etc.)? 

    Except for the amount - what makes these transactions different from other transactions that DO download correctly?  When you say "will not download" does that mean that these transactions never appear - not only in your downloads - but also on your online account and bank statement?

    Any additional information will help us to understand what you are seeing.


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  • Bob Russell
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    These are mostly CitiBank but I've seen it on other credit cards also. They can be either Amazon charges or recurring charges for services. The only think unique about them is the amount $10.81. The transactions show in the banks online display but don't get downloaded.
  • UKR
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    Are you automatically accepting downloaded transactions into your registers?
    There's a chance that these transactions do download, but get matched to other, older transactions instead of creating new transactions.
    There's also a chance that Quicken thinks of two transactions on the same download, with the same date and amount (and possibly with the same FITID transaction ID) as a duplicate and drops the 2nd transaction as already created and accepted.
    If you know how to, inspect your OFX log file to see what exactly gets downloaded.
    If you automatically accept downloaded transactions, switch to manually reviewing and accepting them instead.
  • Bob Russell
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    This situation only happens on a specific amount $10.81. It doesn't matter what bank account is involved. The transaction is always shown on the bank's website but never downloads. I have to manually enter it every time so the account will reconcile.
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