Schwab Charitable downloads are mostly useless

mikeweberatl Member ✭✭✭
Since the Schwab changes, Charitable Donor Advised Fund downloads are awful.   All my holdings come down as "unidentified security" even though all holdings are in my list of Securities with the exact same name.   The Sell orders come down as "Bonds Sold" so not only do I have to manually fix the security, I also have to change the transaction type.   Also, there are no quotes available to download like there was before so your value is never accurate.  What a total mess.  


  • John Ellis
    John Ellis Member ✭✭✭
    I agree it's a mess, though I have different symptoms.

    My Schwab Charitable downloads since 12/31/2021 include the withdrawals (client requests for donations) but none of the transactions on the Money Market Pool (SCGM1).  I've tried resetting the account multiple times.

    Neither Quicken nor Schwab appear to care.
  • John Ellis
    John Ellis Member ✭✭✭
    Also, I did Help > Report A Problem and sent screenshots showing the transaction history at compared to the Quicken register.
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