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Jim Douthit
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I have several Schwab accounts - 2 Regular IRAs & 2 Roth IRAs. On the regular IRAs SWGXX buys and sells are reported however when a dividend for SWGXX is reported the amount is zero and I have to login to Schwab to get the amount. 
On my Roth IRAs SWGXX transactions are not reported. 
When I do my One Step Update every day there are two separate connections to Schwab. 
I am able to keep track of all this but there still seems to be bugs in the Schwab interface.


  • hongolito
    hongolito Member ✭✭
    Same situation here. Dividend for SWGXX downloads as zero requiring accessing Schwab to determine actual dividend amount to manually enter into Quicken. Second issue is for those wishing to handle SWGXX as cash (not buy/sell security) for accounts where SWGXX is used as a sweep fund, this is no longer an option and requires manual deletion of downloaded buy/sell transactions to maintain proper cash balance in Quicken. Both of these issues have occured beginning 18 November, 2021 and reported through multiple avenues to Quicken support but to date seem not to have been addressed.
  • leonard kearney
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    i have this issue with swgxx - so i should be deleting these transactions?
  • DMF7913
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    I have the same issue with SWGXX transactions downloading into the attached cash account as offsets of each actual cash transaction.
  • DMF7913
    DMF7913 Member ✭✭
    I am deleting the SWGXX transactions.
  • ted smart
    ted smart Member
    Same problems here! I'm having to do everything manually. And even then, in the investment account it doesn't report the shares of SWGXX as any value. So, no help from Quicken for anybody? I sure hope they provide a discount for my upcoming subscription renewal!

    I'm on my second call right now and escalating to help level 2 as Schwab recommended. Now I'm having to schedule a call 8 days away on the 14th at 5pm e.s.t. to talk with someone who can "maybe" help. :(
  • GreenOak
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    edited April 2022
    I had the opposite problem with SWVXX, which is a purchase money fund, not a sweep fund, and Quicken was trying to get me to adjust the share balance to zero and move the $ to cash.

    But apparently you can designate at the account level whether the money fund should be treated as cash, or as a security. This appears to be working for me and maybe playing around with this setting would help you. See the discussion here:
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