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Every time I attempt to print my budget, it will print out from Jan-Aug and then it prints out a second page from Sept to Dec Summary. I want Jan-Dec Summary all on one page horizontally rather than Quicken having to print out a second page for the balance of the months. I have put the printer into Landscape mode, but it continues to not print out the entire line with all 12 months showing on one page.


  • Lloyd Young
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    I am not exactly sure I understand what you are attempting to do but do you realize there is a section on the "Print" screen entitled Page Scaling where you can control the printing occurs on the plysical page.
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    Can your printer print on Legal size (8.5*14") or larger (11*14" or 11*17") paper? And do you have such paper available?
    If yes, set the larger paper size using the Properties button in the printer selection dialog.
    As an alternative, set the printer to the Quicken PDF Printer or any other PDF file creation tool you have available. Again, set the paper size to 11*14" or 11*17 then create the PDF file.
    Print using the PDF reader to the largest paper size you have available. It may come out reduced in size ("tiny"), but it'll print all columns on one sheet
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