Bug persists - Quicken renames payee after sync, removes old transaction

codad3x Member ✭✭
When I sync with my online accounts, I'm getting a very bizarre problem of a payee being renamed and a preexisting transaction deleted. I was hopeful with the 6.6.1 update this would have been fixed, but it wasn't. See attached.

I'll describe it as best as I can. I have one recurring transaction for $70 each month for payee A. I have another recurring transaction which occurs every week, also for $70, but for payee B. When I perform an online sync (say on 3/11/2022), the pre-existing transaction (payee A on 3/2/2022) is removed, and the new transaction payee name (on 3/10/2022) which is supposed to be for payee B, is changed to read payee A. Coincidentally, they are both transactions for $70. The result is my account is still missing a $70 debit, the original transaction on 3/2/2022 is missing, and the new transaction on 3/10/22 has the wrong payee name. I just wanted to try to describe this as clearly as possible so hopefully a quicken support person can look into it. Additionally, I wanted to mention that I have removed all renaming rules.
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