Two profiles - how does a newbie do it?

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I had a Quicken a few years ago and set it up the website. I used it a month, then never again. Tonight I bought Quicken subscription to keep track of my mother's finances, which I manage. Not thinking it mattered, I signed in under my old user name, and now it has my old finances.

Can I create a completely separate profile for my mother's finances so the two are not co-mingled? If so, how?

Thank you.


  • RickO
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    Yes. When you open Quicken it is working with a Quicken data file. Apparently when you opened Quicken Mac on the desktop, it re-opened your old personal data file. To keep your mother's finances separate, you will want to create a separate data file. Do this by clicking menu File > New. In the dialog that comes up, select Start From Scratch. You will be able to set up a completely separate file that will not mix with your personal data.
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