Cost, bugs and overall uselessness

A Kahn
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Has anyone else noticed that the more expensive Quicken has become, the more bugs are built into it? I have used Quicken for more than 20 years, and it wasn't until they split with Intuit that bugs started showing up. I never had problems with it that weren't of my own doing. Now days, I can't ever trust that accounts are being updated anymore or that balances are correct. Nor can I trust that it's the first time transactions are being downloaded, since they now duplicate on occasion. I came to this site, because I wanted to see if there were any "fixes" for these bugs, and now I see that others have been having the exact same problems since at least December with no "fix" in site.

Even though I have been a loyal Quicken user since the beginning of time, there is no discount for renewing the subscription, and we are no longer able to buy the program outright. So, I reluctantly forked over $51.99 for my one year subscription. On top of not being allowed to purchase the subscription at a discounted price, I am now also unable to ever trust that transactions are being downloaded or that balances are correct. Nor can I believe when it states the last update was today, because it may not have really updated in weeks. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am?

I, personally, use Quicken because my brain is such that I need a program like Quicken to organize and keep track of my finances. But, it is no longer working for me, since it has now become the rule and not the exception that accounts will not update on a regular basis and/or not update correctly. I should mention there is one exception. My one account that I can download using "direct connect" has only once in all these years had an issue, and that was of my own doing. The other accounts are not able to be downloaded using direct connect.

I have notes from every interaction I've ever had with Quicken support. I am aware of most of their methods to try to make things work correctly. I have tried everything that I am aware exists within Quicken, to no avail. How can we all keep using a program that we can't trust to be providing accurate information during downloads? I know the answer to that. Basically, it's the only program available, so there are few if any other viable choices. And, obviously, Quicken knows that.

Enough is enough. If you can't tell already, I am incredibly frustrated and annoyed that Quicken has become nothing more than an extremely expensive subscription for what is now virtually useless for me.

Am I wrong about any of what I've said? If so, I'd be happy to hear things that will make Quicken work again and give me confidence in it's accuracy. Currently, every time Quicken updates, I hope for fixes and but worry about what will be broken in exchange. In fact, there seem to be no fixes, just more "breaks" to make Quicken even less reliable. :( :/
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