For those wondering about "Transaction Notes and Flags"

Robert Keesecker
Robert Keesecker Member ✭✭✭
I finally learned from a call with tech support that the "Transaction Notes and Flags" window/"Alert for follow-up" does not work. It simply does not work. You can add notes, you can add a flag. However, even though you can check the "Alert for follow-up" box and set the so-called alert date box, that function does not work. You will not receive a follow-up alert anywhere in the latest program updates.

Don't confuse what Quicken now calls "Alerts." That is entirely different. It has nothing to do with Transaction Notes and Alerts, so don't tear your hair out trying to figure out why the follow-up alert it isn't working for you.

I told the tech support person it used to work before the wave of recent program updates and questioned him why that function is still available for each transaction. He had no answer and said he would submit this issue to the developers.

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