Why is one out of several accounts at Schwab no longer updating?

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In the last two weeks, one of my Schwab accounts is NOT updating with the others, and when I try to get it set up, Quicken does not allow me to "add" or "include" it in my account list. The account is listed, but states "do not add account" and there is no way to change that. Can't tell if it's Quicken or Schwab, but it started shortly after several Quicken updates. And there's no source I can find for contacting Quicken directly for help...guess they're focused on sales, not service. I've tried disconnecting all the accounts that ARE connecting and reconnecting every thing. No change...the once account is still not open to connect. Any suggestions or solutions?


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    Hi Denny43,

    To contact Quicken Support you can use this LINK.


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  • Denny43
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    Thank you, Frankx. Actually I found that site earlier, but went around in circles as none of the “suggestions” matched my problem. Finally called my bank tech department, they gave me the telephone number for Quicken support and the tech agent solved my problem faster than it took for me to get the Quicken support phone number. I now have that number safely saved in my cloud and on my phone…for future reference. The tech guy was super.
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