Is there Data file conversion needed for Deluxe to Home and Businens

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When I open my current data file after I just upgraded the program looks like the old Deluxe program if I create a new file from scratch the new file has all the home and business changes.


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    Hi @Hogue329

    There isn't a difference in the data file for any of the Quicken tiers - the datafile does not change - what changes are the features that are available for the user and the datafile to use.  So to answer your question - No, there is no difference and no specific "data file conversion" that takes place.

    Exactly which "changes" were you expecting to see in your datafile?  Are you not able to e.g. either setup or track activity in your  business or rental property?  Are those functions not available on your menus?

    If you tell us what you want to do that you can't maybe we can help.


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    While you have your Quicken file open - look in the upper far left corner - it will text display the version being used....
    What does it show ?
    Also, Sometimes, after you change your feature set -
    you may have to sign out and then back in to tag the file with the new features.

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    When I open my data file I do not see any of the new home and business features. If I open a NEW data file from scratch all the new features show up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, checked version, signed out signed in, ask for help with quicken help did all their suggestions.
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    Hogue329 said: When I open my data file I do not see any of the new home and business features.
    If you are going to just repeat yourself and not answer any basic Q&A - then we can't help you figure out the problem -
    Can try this -
    you can try and reset the Quicken ID associated with the Quicken file.  
    1. Select Edit > Preferences...
    2. Select Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts
    3. Select Sign in as a different user
    4. Enter yes 
    5. Select Sign Out
    6. Sign in with the your SAME email address.

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