Issues with Transaction download

MrLeeL Member ✭✭
When downloading from an institution, sometimes the transaction matches with one that is previous and on a different date. It is reoccurring so the 3/24 download, matches up with one from January. IS THERE A WAY TO RESET the Pointers to the current Month? or how do I, aside from Manually Match which doesn't fix the underlying issue, can I match the proper transactions???

Yes, I do not Reconcile the account since it is always incorrect no matter what or how careful I am to keep it accurate. (Note: I find quicken better for me to keep track of category spending/investing saving and then just believe the institution numbers.



  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I've had that issue periodically as you describe it. I've generally had luck "resetting the pointer" if I catch it in the download register before accepting and change it to New from Match.  That's easier said than done. If you do miss it but you catch it before you close Quicken, you can use the Undo Accept All button in the download register. It's kind of a Mulligan second chance opportunity.
  • MrLeeL
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    Thank you. I have done that, however the next time, I download I have had the same issue. I would like it to actually remember where it last updated. Since intuit sold it it has been downhill in quality.
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