Truist issues

rgbsand Member ✭✭
During transition Truist did not pay a bill and I got hit with a late charge. Truist said that since they sent emails to all Suntrust members stating that all bills to be paid would be cancelled this was my fault. I will not get my late fee paid. Of course I am getting hit with the $7.95 monthly fee to use quicken.
Closed my first account with them today and opening accounts at new bank next week. Two more accounts to close.
Did ask why no check numbers on the register in Quicken. Truist was surprised by this and was not aware of the issue. Of course they blamed Quicken for not indicating the check number. They said there should be a check number rather than the "sent" designation.
Anyone else get hit with late fees or having an actual check number?


  • frank948
    frank948 Member ✭✭
    rgbsand, same problem here (payments, charges and no check number) . . .I'm switching banks also. refuse to pay for quicken connect as I have had a relationship with sun trust for 26 years and never charged. Don't know why truist is not keeping up. way too many problems - I've spent hours of frustration, have to leave
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