Bill To Is blank on my invoice form

I am using the default invoice format and the Bill To invoice is blank on an invoice I created even though the customer record contains an address. Do I have to see the Bill TO into the invoice when creating it each time?

Quicken Home and Business vR39.23


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    In the Address Book entry for this customer, under "Include this payee in" please make sure that the boxes for Customer List and/or Vendor List are checked.
  • they are both selected and created invopice from scratch. Bill To is blank
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    When creating the new invoice and you select the Customer name field from the pull-down ... is it possible that the spelling of the selected name does not match exactly to the name in the Address Book entry?
    I'm just firing shots into the dark here, listening for an "Ouch!" ...
  • The drop down pulls from address book , I am not typing it. Not sure that is the issue. BUt certainly happy someone is responding so no worries about shots in the dark.
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