Deseo que al gestionar un reporte de mi presupuesto actual la moneda no sea dólares, es posible?

Alejandra Delgado
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Al momento de obtener un reporte en mi presupuesto actual, la moneda es automáticamente trasladada a dólares y no me permite cambiarla.


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    I'm sorry, but my Spanish is not good enough to respond in Spanish.
    If I understand you correctly, you are asking about the currency used in printable reports.
    Quicken defaults to using US dollars as the "Home Currency".
    You can customize each report individually to select the desired currency for the report.
    You can also make a change to select your desired currency as the new "Home Currency". This will change the default for all reports as well as the account balance totals shown in the Account Bar. Go to Tools / Currency List to change the Home Currency.
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