How is the quicken cloud used?

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I've been using Quicken on my desktop for many years. I also use it on my laptop but I have to keep moving data each time I use my desktop or laptop. Can I put my data on the "Quicken cloud" and then access it from either PC? Is the data on the cloud secure?



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    RockyRR said:  Can I put my data on the "Quicken cloud" and then access it from either PC? I
    here is the basic info -
    Answer - yes and no -
    You have the Quicken desktop software and data file installed on a "main" location -
    you can then enable the Quicken Cloud SYNC
    and select which specific Quicken Accounts you would like to "view" via the Quicken on the Web or Quicken Mobile App.
    Those adjunct features then log into your Quicken ID, and access the required data from the Quicken Cloud.
    Only your remote online banking account login credentials are stored - NOT a shadow copy of your Quicken account data -
    the QWeb and Mobile App then "log into" your online banking accounts,
    retrieve the current info, and display it in your browser or App.... all secured -

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    Unfortunately it does not work that way.  The only way to use the same "data file" on two computers is by doing exactly what you are doing (moving the file back & forth).  Alternatively you can use a remote desktop program (such as TeamViewer etc.) to remotely access Quicken on the primary PC.
    Another option is to access it on the secondary computer via Web browser by enabling Mobile & Web feature.  However, at times your data may get out of sync and hence you need to do some cleanup.
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