Opening old files without Quicken ID, and without installing my current version

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I have an old file I need to open just to see if it contains transactions that I didn't bring over (for some reason) into my current file.

When I try to open it with what I assume is the current version of Premier (I have a subscription) - I get a TEENY TINY sign in screen.  Even if I wanted to use my Quicken ID, or create a new one, I couldn't - because I'm unable to type anything into that screen (and it's so small I can't really see what I'm doing).  Unfortunately, I did pick the "use another ID" option so now I can't even get into my active, current file - that's a big deal.

I also read that Quicken 2013 could still be downloaded for viewing old files - but that requires deinstallation of the current version and I don't really want to do that, either.

What are my options, here?  

Update:  I was able to, on entering the fields multiple times, enter my quicken ID - but I get "We are unable to contact the Quicken server."


Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33


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    UPDATE #2:  I was able to get my quicken ID and password into the freakishly small login screen so I at least have access to my current file.  But I really need access to this older file.  I wish there was a Quicken "viewer" software!

    UPDATE #3:  Using my current quicken ID apparently did open the old file (hopefully with no adverse impact to my current file).  I would delete this post but I don't think I'm able.  I believe this issue is (clumsily) resolved.

    Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33

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    Depending upon how far back the old file is - your current version should open it - as you have discovered....
    Also - Quicken is like MS Word - in that the data is kept external to the program, in each Quicken QDF data file. 
    You can see these most recent files listed at the very bottom of the Quicken menu - File -->

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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