Bank of America & Quicken for Mac

Dave6830 Member
After several attempts to connect my Quicken for Mac to the Bank of America, I find that BofA simply doesn't support Quicken Connect. Unfortunately, the chat hosts don't seem to know that so I wasted three hours trying to connect. Try as you may, you'll never get the code that BofA seems to be asking for. And don't call them about it either - they won't help you any more than Quicken support will. Apparently, you can still download .qfx files but that's sort of last decade isn't it.


  • Dave6830
    Dave6830 Member
    After four tries with Quicken support and two with the Bank, I was finally able to connect. And, it seems that the problem with the "authentication code" lies somewhere in BofA's software. A very helpful agent at BofA patiently walked me through the process but was unable to find "the problem". As a last gasp attempt, she somehow generated an authentication code, read it to me, and I entered it into the popup box in Quicken. Boom, I was connected and all seems to be working.
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