HELP - Quicken for Windows 7 Solution - doesn't download transactions.

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Yes I am a Win 7 holdout and just learned (ignorance was bliss) that Quicken has big problems on Win 7. The problem for me manifests in downloading transactions from banks/brokerages - it doesnt work.
Quicken Support tells me that the only solution is to upgrade my computer to Win 10 or newer. I am deathly afraid of that and dont want to spend the money upgrading all my other software that works fine on Win 7.
 I do have a Mac also, but they say that transferring my Win 7 Quicken file to Mac is rife with all sorts of problems - support guarantees that I will get countless duplicates. Anyway I am so overwhelmingly frustrated as I have a huge time/life investment in my Quicken accounting. I am wondering what people think about the following idea.
IS it possible to make a totally separate partition on my existing PC and run Win 10 or Win 11 on this totally separate partition. I have tons of room on my hard drives. This way I could keep my Win 7 to run everything but Quicken, that currently runs perfectly and then I could run my Quicken on the new partition? Does anyone have any thoughts, experience or ideas about this or otherwise? Has anyone tried this and can you share how to do this? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks


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    What happens when you start Quicken - and attempt the downloads ?
    What release and version - .... Help --> About Quicken
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    Hi - I have Quicken V R38.30, Build When it downloads it goes through the process and then reports no downloads with transaction (somewhere?) to be reviewed. THe account will show a red flag as if there are downloaded transactions, but they are no where to be seen on my computer. I talked to support and they had me go into preferences on an acct by acct basis and change downloads to be automatically accepted, and they re-run the update transactions. The transaction that were mentioned as being held for review would then download into the registry and appear blue awaiting review. BUT - these downloaded transaction were only the most recent transactions - it had been 3 months since my last successful download and all but THE most recent were NOT downloaded, leaving me to have to enter all those manually.
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