Problem with Downloaded "Unknown Security"

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I use eTrade, and downloaded a couple of trades where I bought stocks that came across as "Unknown Security" followed by the stock symbol. I eventually fixed the stock in the transaction, however, the portfolio view of this account still has these stocks listed - in addition to the actual securities I bought. This is screwing up the overall value of the account. I tried to delete the "unknkown" securities from the securities list, but Quicken thinks I own these securities, even though I don't. How do I get rid of these so I can have a clean view of the account?


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    I also had this same thing happen on two securities with eTrade yesterday, 4/2/22. I searched Quicken Community and found this reply from a Quicken support person on 8/20:

    "Hello all,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue.
    This is a known issue with E*Trade, if you are experiencing duplicate "unknown" securities, you will need to merge these new securities with the existing securities. For more steps and information, please takes a moment to review the steps and information on merging securities.
    Thank you,
    Quicken Tyka"

    This is the link that got lost when I copied/pasted:

    I tried it this morning and it worked, I remember having to do it last year sometime. I made sure to back up my file and check out the balance in the accounts being merged to make sure they match. The dialog box the appears will ask you to select which of the two security names to use (Security name vs. "Unknown" security name. I did get a message on of the merges saying the entries didn't match and the ones for the security I deleted to merge to would take precedence.
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    That worked. Thanks!
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