Manual Mortgage Account Option Missing

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  • Kayoco
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    this didn't work for me. When Quicken went to Wells Fargo, it looked at my account and would only let me choose mortgage, loan or auto loan. I couldn't select liability.
  • UKR
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    Oh, now I see why the Community Moderator split your comment off from the discussion where you originally posted it ... according to your Community Profile you're a Quicken for Windows user. The original discussion was about Quicken for Mac and won't work for you.
    In Quicken for Windows, to add an offline account (aka manual account, an account which is not connected to the bank for transaction downloading) you need to use a different process. Please follow the instructions in about "Add an offline account". The trick here is to not enter or select "Wells Fargo" as you start the process. Click the "Offline Account" tab near the bottom of the screen instead, then select Loan and proceed with filling out the required loan details.

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