Quicken investment register bugs.

Gus F
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I'm using Quicken R39.23 build on Windows 10 and found several bugs when
using the Quicken investment register.
1. I automatically imported Schwab transaction data as part of a One Step Update. If a mutual fund reports both Short Term and Long Term capital gain and you have opted for automatic reinvestment in that fund, then although Quicken does correctly combine both the Dividend and reinvestment transactions (as seen in the Monthly Schwab statement) into a single "Reinv..." transaction, they are both counted as Short Term Capital Gain (ReinvSh) rather than one being ReinSh and another being ReinvLg.
2. I tried to manually correct the problem above by simply going into the Quicken register and changing "ReinvSh" to "ReinvLg" in the appropriate transactions. When I pressed Enter, a dialog popped up for the transaction with slots for dividend, short, medium and long-term capital gain, and it had correctly moved the money and shares to the long-term capital gain slot. However, when I clicked on the "Enter/Done" button, nothing changed. The only way I was able to fix this was to double-click on the transaction, get the dialog, and cut and paste the money and shares from the short term to the long term boxes.
3. The pop-up that appears when you click the arrow next to the transaction type does not nearly cover all of the possible types, or even the appropriate ones for that transaction. For example, clicking next to a "MiscExp" transaction shows "Sold", "SoldX", "Removed", "ShtSell" and "ShtSellX", but not "MiscExp" or "Withdraw".
4. "MiscExp" or "XOut" transactions allow you to enter both a transfer account as well as a category, something that I did not think was possible, but it would still be useful in some cases. However, this created a "MiscExpX" transaction which did not actually reduce the amount of cash in the account. It also broke the link between the investment account and the transfer account. I was forced to delete the transactions on each side and reenter them manually. Basically, "MiscExpX" transactions are completely broken and I just avoid them now.
5. Whenever I launch Quicken, for a One Step Update and then select my brokerage account, I now get the message "Your Quicken account and your Brokerage Holdings are in agreement." This is useless and unnecessary. It's OK to pop-up a message if there is a problem but not if there are no issues.
6. In general, the investment register is lacking many of the features of the checking/savings account register. Although they are superficially similar, it is clear that they are quite different internally. It would be very good for the investment accounts to have a strict superset of the features of the checking/savings accounts. For example
1. Find/Replace capability
2. Selecting and operating on more than one transaction simultaneously
3. Common right mouse button menu features
4. Split capability
6. Add/remove/resize certain columns. I could not remove the bullet, attachment and "Clr" columns when working on a small screen.
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