Feedback button desperately needed on Homepage. Want Quicken's mailing address.

I already read several replies to this similar subject. In my opinion the "solutions" are all circuitous. Not even immediately clear where to vote on the suggestion. And what the heck are suggestions for Quicken doing in a help forum in the first place? The route to submit feedback desperately needs to be on the home page clearly marked.

It's quicker to mail a letter. I'm serious and will do this.

Does anyone know Quicken's mailing address?


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    Hi @wWY245nY890PNy89

    Here's the information you asked for:

    Quicken, Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters: 3760 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025


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    Quicken doesn't do support or product suggestions via email. As for snail mail, I think you'd be wasting your time and money. It might be easier for you, but it's apparently too unwieldy for them. (Imagine if you had tens of thousands of customers mailing letters with ideas, complaints, suggestions, and other commentary; it would be a nightmare to organize, categorize and act on.) but if you want to send a letter, the corporate address of Quicken is listed at the very bottom of every page on the main website: 3760 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

    This site is intended to be a "community forum" where users can seek help, share solutions, and propose new features. Most of the posts here are by fellow Quicken users trying to help each other; a small team of moderators working for Quicken also reply to some questions and help keep the site organized. This site is not official Quicken Support, which is available via text chat 7 days a week or phone 5 days a week.

    The Product Ideas subcategories on this website are where users post and vote on requested features. For each Idea post, there is a yellow box under the first post, with a vote counter.

    Clicking the little black (dark gray) arrow under the vote counter is how you register your vote in favor of an idea. (The arrow turns light gray when you have voted for an idea.)

    The developers use multiple sources of information in deciding which issues to tackle. One of them is the vote counts on this forum. Another is reports from their Customer Support division, which may reveal errors or areas of the program which are confusing users and requiring support. Another is features they know are missing in Quicken Mac which existed in the old legacy version or in Quicken Windows, as well as ideas they have for making the program work better.

    There are more than 500 Quicken Mac Idea threads on this site alone requesting new or enhanced functionality. It's impossible for them to respond to every user-submitted request. Well, they could — but they'd need to hire additional people to do that, investigating the status of each submission and replying; they instead focus their available personnel on plugging away improving the program. This can be frustrating to users because we have little or no idea the developers are actually aware of certain issue, if they agree changes are desirable, and if so, when they have the work for specific features scheduled on their development roadmap. 

    If you're having trouble finding if there is an existing Idea thread on this site about a specific feature you'd like to see, you can post a question asking if there's an existing thread. Or you can just create a new Idea post with your idea; if it mirrors an existing Idea request, one of the moderators or users will usually recognize it's a duplicate, and a moderator will merge your request into the existing one. 

    I hope that helps explain a bit about the process of submitting ideas to Quicken. If you don't like it, well, I'm just a fellow Quicken user, so I can't help beyond offering explanations and ways to try to work within the systems Quicken has. ;)
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