Creating an etrade account that tracks RSU and ESPP

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My wife and I are just starting with Quicken Windows Subscription. One of our bigger pain points is my ETrade account. We set up an account with "Quicken ETrade" but we only see the cash in the ETrade account. All the stocks are missing. Anyone have a clue what we are doing wrong? Thanks!


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    How long ago were the Buy transactions when you acquired the stocks? You need to download transactions from a sufficiently early enough date to capture the initial deposit and all the Buys. Usually, the financial institutions only look back 90 days when you download transactions. Or you can enter them manually. Alternatively, you could download a QFX file from E*Trade's website that is dated to the earliest date, and then import it into your Quicken account. "Quicken E*Trade" is the correct Financial Institution to use. You should setup the connection as "Direct Connect".
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