Wrong account balance in Schwab Account

When I was downloading updates to my accounts on Quicken, one of my Schwab accounts lost about 40% of its value. Until three days ago, balances were close to actual. It appears that Quicken has the wrong number of shares for some Vangard Bond funds.


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    Hi @John Justus,

    This could be related to the connection issues many users were seeing when Schwab changed its downloading methodology a few months ago.

    Are you seeing any similar issues in any of your other accounts?  Have you had this happen previously in this, or any other, account?  If not, at this point in time, I would suggest that you try making manual corrections to the downloaded data in the account's register. 

    If you've seen this before and/or are seeing this in more than one account, I suggest that you contact Quicken Support (via this LINK) for some hands-on assistance.

    Let us know how that goes.


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