Re: direct connect for former SunTrust accounts

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I see some people got it to work using bbt as bank, thanks for that suggestion! You would think either quicken or banks would tell us that? Anyway I see with truist direct had a monthly fee to use it. I won't pay that and my quicken expires today. Every other account works, so not sure if I should just switch banks or not renew quicken? Switching banks is a chore, but it seems may be necessary? Too bad quicken does not let you have a trial period so I can check out if another (new) bank would work?!


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    Hello @liawriter,

    I do apologize for any miscommunication regarding your bank's change and that you weren't notified of this.

    Typically financial institutions do send an email about any merges or changes but it's unfortunate that was not the case here. As far as the direct connect fee, this is a charge from your financial institution. Many banks do not charge for Direct Connect so it is really up to you if it is worth switching to another bank over this charge. While Quicken does not offer a free trial, we do have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you could see if another bank will work better for you in Quicken during those 30 days.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

    - Quicken Jade :smile:
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    Thanks, I'm on with tech support now to see if they could extend my subscription, when I had issues months ago, that was what they offered to do, and I thought they did extend it. But I just want to clarify then, is there anyone who can help fix the issues if I use it with just web connect and Not direct connect?
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