Matching Security Lookup Doesn't

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When I download account transactions from my TDAmeritrade account, Quicken used to automatically lookup/search for close matches and then let me select a match or create a new security. In the last month or two the automatic search function stopped working.

I can manually search for the existing security successfully. When I manually find the existing security the only difference between the downloaded name and the existing and previously downloaded name is 1 or 2 characters near the end of the name.

For example using an option; AMZN Apr 14 2022 3210 Call is the existing and previously downloaded security. If that option is sold and subsequently downloaded the Matching Security does not match the option name AMZN Apr 14 2022 3210.0 Call.

It is like the LOOKUP function in Excel set to Exact and nothing matches. Or is the Quicken auto search function disabled generally?
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