Turning off Past due and due dates

Hi! I just had to update from my old Quicken program to MAC 6.2.2. Deluxe. Can someone please tell me how to turn off the past due and due dates in my register. This program is so unlike my previous (which I'd still be using if my old desktop hadn't died). I pay bills as I get them and don't use a budget. I've had to find so many answers and have tried finding this one but haven't so far. I don't want any kind of reminders when my bills are due....it drives me crazy, which isn't a far distance! Thank you to anyone who can help! Have a great day!


  • RickO
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    Are you referring to macOS Notification center alerts and/or email/text alerts?

    If so, open Quicken Preferences (from the Quicken menu). Is the master Sync switch turned ON? If not, this is not the issue. If so, then click the Mobile, Web & Alerts tab, the the Alerts pane. Uncheck any alerts you do not wish to receive.

    If you do not use Mobile or Web Quicken and you do not wish to receive any alerts, I'd recommend turning the master Sync switch to OFF to prevent an cloud glitches which unfortunately do sometimes occur.
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