Default Preference to Show Detail of Split Transactions in Register

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I cannot find a Preference to change the default register view settings to show the detail of split transactions. There is a 2017 reference that they would send the request to their staff. I know you can hover for a quick look without opening, but it would be faster when searching for details to set the register to show the details by default.


  • UKR
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    Have you tried "printing" (just generating the print preview without printing to paper or PDF file) of your account register?
    With the account register open press CTRL-P (or click the action gear icon and select Print Transactions).
    In a small popup window put a checkmark in "Print split transactions", set the required date range and click Print. In the next dialog where you can select the printer and print options just click Preview.
    Make the Print Preview fullscreen. If needed, click Zoom in to make text larger on screen.
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    I’d go to a Banking Transaction Report for that type of view
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