Securities Comparison Mismatch (100x) on Schwab Preferred Securities

I'm getting persistent share quantity errors of 100x on 8 preferred securities. All look like bonds in terms of random string symbols, CUSIPs & needing to divide share quantities by 100 when calculating market value. They differ from bonds though. They are tagged "preferred" rather than "corporates" in the security description on the Charles Schwab website and appear to be marked as "stocks" under holdings in the Quicken Online Center.

I've used bond buy and sell transactions in Quicken to convert preferred share quantities (e.g. from 15,000 reported by Schwab to 150 in my account register). This conversion is necessary to work with the ~$100 share prices for these securities. Schwab updates these share prices. This all seems to work fine.

When checking the account holdings, the reduced share count is reported back from Quicken, and not the 100x quantity that bonds apparently return. I get an error pop-up that shows all 8 preferred securities with 10,000 or 15,000 shares online vs. 100 or 150 shares locally in Quicken.

I suspect that Schwab is reporting these securities as stock and Quicken then doesn't know that it should adjust the share quantities by 100 when doing an online comparison. That feels like a bug somewhere between Schwab and Quicken.

Has anyone else seen this problem? It feels a bit like an edge case, but one that should work.
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