Quicken requiring data file passwords I did not create?

I tried archiving last year's file and creating a clean file for this year, multiple times, only for Quicken to ask me for a File Password for the new file every single time. I DID NOT SET ONE UP. To add insult to injury, when I click on the Forgot Password? link, NOTHING HAPPENS. Customer Service wanted me to email them the file. Of my financial data. Right. Not happening.

The same thing happened when I tried copying the file.

So, I copied the file again and gave it a password before closing it. That way I knew the password when I opened the file. This worked. However, when I then deleted the password and closed the file (because I do not want to password on the file), I was, OF COURSE, asked for a password to reopen the file. And, it was not the password I had originally set up. It was the mysterious password that Quicken apparently decided to add to all new files created using the archive/copy function.


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