Reconcile account window on R39.23 Quicken for Windows is unresponsive

After downloading transactions from my bank with no problem, the "reconcile account" window displays unreconciled transactions correctly, but the buttons for "done" or "finish later" are unresponsive -- nothing at all happens. So I have to close the window manually. This happens on any account. Any advice? Could it be a release bug?


  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    That sounds more like and install or data problem. 

    I would do a validate and see if that fixes it which is unlikely. 

    Then I would do clean reinstall

    After that, if still no good, restore a backup when it was working. Suggest going back to March 3 or earlier in case a version bug effected you. 

    Lastly, do a file copy to a new copy of your file which would require reconnecting all online features
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