My portfolio is on my laptop,but laptop is dead, can I access my portfolio on my iPhone

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Lap top dead can’t access my portfolio


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    Help quickenn
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    No answer recieved
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    it's not a chat board - it's a bulletin board forum..... 
    simple answer NO -
    complex answer MAYBE -
    Did you setup Quicken on your laptop to SYNC with the Quicken Cloud ?
    to provide viewing of selected accounts either via the Quicken On The Web browser website, or the Quicken Mobile App
    However, as noted - it is NOT a backup ...
    SO - do you have any Quicken Backups - or will you be able to remove and access your laptop hard drive ?
    Do you have any backups that are NOT on the laptop and can be restored at some point ?
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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