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Avi Dee
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No, I cannot call the official support line, it’s closed. I don’t know what they would say anyway.

After a few months of mostly behaving, my Alliant checking account is again refusing to download transactions. I have done:

- “Update Login” to re-enter the same password.
- “Reset Connection” to set it up again.
- “Change Connection type” to set it up again.
- “Reset Cloud Account” to reset the cloud.

In the past, a combination of one or more of those actions would convince the Quicken backend to start talking again with Alliant. Not this time. I’ve tried these over and over.

This is not me doing something wrong. I have a dozen accounts to a dozen FIs and they all work great. Reliably. 100%. Just Alliant.

Please either fix your backend to talk to Alliant reliably, or give up and admit that you can’t and turn it off.


  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭
    Alliant Credit Union, to be explicit. Just search “alliant” on these boards.
  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭
    OK, after an hour of repeating these steps, I finally was able to download transactions.

    BTW, why do I blame Quicken and not Alliant?

    Because I have semi-automatic reconciliation turned on. When this failure happens, what’s the symptom? Reconciliation fails because Quicken downloads the new balance, but not the transactions. The fact that Quicken’s backend was able to retrieve the balance means that it successfully connected, it pulled the balance, and then it either failed to pull the transactions, or pulled the transactions but decided to not deliver them to my local Quicken. Either way, the successful connection puts this into Quicken’s corner.
  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭
    And the connection to Alliant broke again.

    I have an auto-reconcile error because Quicken was able to connect to Alliant and retrieve the new balance, but was unable to download any transactions. Time to spend an hour resetting the connection over and over until it works.
  • Roger Miller
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    I've experienced the same. The connection was working fine for a couple of months. Now, it's back to completing the OSU with no errors, but the posted transactions do not get downloaded. I can usually fix it by Resetting the online access, but sometimes I have to deactivate and then reactivate. I'm running Quicken Windows. Sometimes neither will complete, and I have to wait a day or so and try again. Very frustrating.
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