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When I do customer invoices I have several lines of tasks specific to the project. I do not break down each each, but put a line in for labour, a line for materials, and possibly a line for other expenses. The problem is that quicken always insert 0.00 in the amount column. It looks ridiculous and customers call to ask if there is a missing charge.

How can I remove these unnecessary insertions?

It would make the use of Quicken unnecessary if I have to do an invoice outside of the software, and I don't want to do that.


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    That has been asked before and the answer was that "comment lines"  which do not have a unit price associated with them or "boiler plate lines" which only contain text and no amount will always print with a 0.00 amount.
    Somebody would have to change the programming to create a new line item type for these comment lines.
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    Thanks for the response. I think that I will get software to edit PDF's and cleanup the invoices before sending them. I had to stop using quicken to email because of the way they present the email to the customer.
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