Net worth over time is wildly off.

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Current month value is correct but previous values a $4-5 Million too much.


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    Hi @mcmurdan  

    The Net Worth Over Time report is an older legacy report that is being deprecated, so it would not surprise me if it were inaccurate. I'd suggest that you generate the equivalent report with Net Worth by Month/Quarter/Year which will be produced using the new reporting engine. The only downside is that those reports don't show a graph.

    If the new report is accurate, then we'll know that the NWOT report has a glitch. Since NWOT is not being maintained, there would be no point in reporting it or complaining about it.

    On the other hand, if the new report shows the same problem, that would indicate an issue with the underlying data. If that's the case, I'd try to look at each account one by one and see which one (hopefully only one) that shows the wild upward swing and when it occurs, then look at the account's register to figure out if there's are errant transactions that is causing it. If it's an investment account, then using the Price and Holdings As Of setting in the upper right corner of the Portfolio view may be helpful.
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